Skills for Change is proud to host Diversity@Work Conference,

an annual professional conference dedicated to building inclusive and productive workplaces

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The 10th Annual Diversity@Work 2019

“Reflect on the Past, Prepare for the Future”

A diversity lens to becoming a global powerhouse economy

We will welcome 300+ attendees and speakers to explore the practices of diversity and inclusion in the workplace!


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The 2019 Diversity@Work Conference marks the tenth anniversary of the Skills for Change cornerstone event. We invite you to join us this year in reflecting upon our decade long journey, while also helping to ensure a bright future for diversity and inclusivity in the Canadian workplace. 

Many organizations distribute diversity policies alongside their HR manuals, but inclusion at work is not merely a formality — it’s a nuanced arena facing many intersecting challenges, changes, uncertainties, and grey areas. We need, now more than ever, to build a better culture of inclusion in the workplace to uphold Canada as a globally competitive economic power. 

Nearly forty years ago Skills for Change, a nonprofit settlement agency in Toronto, assumed a leadership role in its community to address policy, undertake public education, and research challenges facing immigrants and refugees. At the same time, Skills for Change pioneered innovative service models specific to internationally trained professionals, in part because we have always recognized the invaluable contributions newcomers make to the Canadian economy. 

For the past decade Skills for Change has hosted Diversity@Work, the professional development conference dedicated to building an inclusive and productive Canadain workforce. This conference was also created for corporate leaders and HR professionals alike to discuss how to better increase the participation of marginalized groups in the Canadian labour market through the lens of diversity and inclusion. 

Even after ten years of our rewarding Diversity@Work journey, we still see the crucial need for cultural diversity and social inclusion in the Canadian workplace.

Please join us for the 10th Annual Diversity@Work Conference to reflect upon the past decade, while also preparing for a healthy and profitable tomorrow for everyone in Canada. Our speakers — each of whom have disrupted, pioneered, and innovated our workplaces — will discuss their experiences, current practices, and also provide useful tools and resources to help us prepare for the future. 

We hope you see you on September 20th, 2019!