The annual professional conference dedicated to building inclusive and productive workplaces


Diversity@Work 2018

Our 2018 conference,

Turning Policy into Practice: The Disrupters, Pioneers & Innovators

will bring together 300+ attendees and speakers to explore on the practices of diversity and inclusion in the workplace!

Many organizations tend to create and include workplace diversity and inclusion policy in the HR manual. However, policies alone may not be enough to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, because diversity and inclusion are not merely a box-ticking and/or reading exercise.

Equity and diversity can bring with them many intersecting challenges, uncertainty, grey areas, and therefore, we need to know how we can work together to build an inclusive culture in the workplace. However, how do we get there?

Our speakers have disrupted, pioneered, and innovated our workplace. They will discuss how to turn diversity and inclusion policy into practice and what business benefits of a diverse workforce are, and share examples of what diversity and inclusion in the workplace look like.  

Join us for our upcoming conference!