Janey Buzugbe


Janey is an award-winning, eclectic and innovative Entrepreneur who believes in living life by giving; and what she has to give is humanity at the intersection of business and technology.


Janey started her career in IT where she was mostly the only woman in the room. An avid storyteller, she wanted to tell and share the stories of young women like herself achieving greatness in adversity. So, she moved to Canada and switched careers to Marketing where she faced a different adversity of cultural shock. So, she started telling her story about her Canadian immigration journey which led to a Startup – 4Dlifeofme where she coaches 5000+ newcomer students, professionals and entrepreneurs across 5 continents on navigating access to resources in Canada.


With an eye for change, she learnt through two failed Startups about the lack of access to capital for women-entrepreneurs, especially for minority groups. She then obtained a Masters in Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to learn how to curb this challenge which she is currently working towards. All around, Janey is an advocate for personal and professional development for young professionals and Black Women in leadership. She does this in her current role as Senior Accounts Manager at Talent X/BPTN by helping leaders in organizations attain their goals of a diverse workforce.