Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly, BA, CWC Dip, RVP, RRP

Lisa is a co-founder and partner of Abilocity (able-awe-city). Abilocity provides consulting and training services in the area of employment, disability and inclusion to help individuals and organizations realize their potential. For the past six years, Lisa Kelly and her partner Deirdre Millin, have been assisting both individuals and businesses to see the ability in difference and disability.

Lisa has spent the majority of her career engaging the business, governmental and not-for-profit sectors in the design and delivery of learning programs. She has worked in the employment and disability sector with the Ontario Disability Employment Network and Rehabilitation Network Canada.

She was Director of Training at Canadian Business SenseAbility for three years where she developed and delivered disability related training to enterprise level employers. She has consulted with and presented to post-secondary institutions on disability and inclusion. She is a regular presenter at Humber College and Cannexus and wrote the content for the Discover Ability Network portal.